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Fletcher King Law Corporation provides strong family law representation and effective family law mediation.  We consistently resolve family law matters with the form of dispute resolution that meets the unique needs of each client.  Douglas King and Cameron King practice family law from Penticton, BC in the South Okanagan Valley.

Family Law Representation

Selecting the right  family law representation for you is an important decision when dealing with the breakdown of your family unit.  Family law problems are emotionally charged and sensitive, and the law is complex. 

Many family law cases require and justify intensive lawyer management and involvement each step of the way.  Without such management and involvement by a family law lawyer, it may be difficult to achieve an equitable result.  This may be the case when there is a significant imbalance of power in a relationship or one party possesses all information and control of family property (and wants to keep it that way). 

We are typically retained by clients to fully represent their interests throughout their family law cases from start to finish.  We move our clients’ cases forward each step of the way based on their unique needs and circumstances utilizing both in court and out of court processes.  Our primary goals are to help our clients maximize their future economic security, preserve and enhance stable and healthy relationships with their children, and ultimately achieve final resolution of their family law rights and obligations.

We have extensive experience in resolving family law cases with complex financial situations and with child custody and parenting related issues.  These issues are often intertwined, and working through them can be a difficult process that requires specialized skill, knowledge and experience. 

We are well equipped to handle all facets of serious family law issues that arise with the breakdown of the family unit.  We provide ongoing practical and strategic examination of our clients’ cases as they unfold and advise clients as to their best course of action, recommending suitable settlement options as they arise.  When necessary, we provide experienced and aggressive courtroom representation, and collaborate with a network of experienced child specialists, expert accountants, valuators, and appraisers to help efficiently assemble the evidence necessary to allow early settlement or presentation to the court.

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