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Fletcher King Law Corporation provides strong family law representation and effective family law mediation.  We consistently resolve family law matters with the form of dispute resolution that meets the unique needs of each client.  Douglas King and Cameron King practice family law from Penticton, BC in the South Okanagan Valley.

3.     Limited Scope Legal Assistance

After we provide you with our Written Legal Opinion, you may decide that you would like us to provide you with Conventional Family Law Representation .  Alternatively, becoming better informed about your legal rights and obligations may make you feel more confident about representing yourself in your family law case.  If you decide to represent yourself, you may still benefit from experienced legal assistance at defined stages throughout the process. 

Family law cases typically include the following stages that involve both in-court and out-of-court processes:

  • Drafting pleadings

  • Document production

  • Interim court applications

  • Settlement conferences and discussions

  • Examinations for discovery

  • Trial (as a last resort)

When we say limited scope legal assistance, we mean that you may hire us to advise and assist you at defined stages during the life of your family law case rather than for the entirety of your family law case.  We will discuss with you the nature, extent and scope of our involvement in your case depending on your needs and enter into a written agreement with you specifically defining what we will assist you with.  If you would like us to assist you at an additional defined stage during your family law case, we will again discuss with you the nature, extent and scope of our involvement depending on your needs and enter into a new written agreement specifically defining what we will assist you with.  Throughout the process we will make it clear who is carrying out what task on your case during the defined stage you have retained us to assist you with.

Our limited scope legal assistance services may include such tasks as:

Our limited scope legal assistance services are specifically tailored to the needs of self-represented individuals. No prior legal experience on your part is assumed or needed.

If you hire us for limited scope legal assistance, you still directly manage your case as a self-represented individual - but with the legal assistance we have specifically agreed to provide you with set out in our written agreement. We do not go on-record with the court for you.

We will use best efforts to adhere to the timeline completion schedule we agree to.

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