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Fletcher King Law Corporation provides strong family law representation and effective family law mediation.  We consistently resolve family law matters with the form of dispute resolution that meets the unique needs of each client.  Douglas King and Cameron King practice family law from Penticton, BC in the South Okanagan Valley.

Family Law Mediation

Mediation offers  individuals in conflict an alternative method to settle their differences and avoid a costly courtroom battle. Mediation is a confidential and voluntary settlement process which leaves the outcome in the control of the parties, not the courts. A mediator is a neutral person who helps parties make practical and informed decisions to resolve the issues between them by exploring their circumstances, needs and interests.  Problems are separated into specific issues for discussion.

The primary goal of Family Law Mediation is for parties to reach a mutually accepted agreement in a confidential setting. Mediation also:

a.     promotes communication and cooperation;

b.     allows the parties to control the decisions that affect their life;

c.     benefits children and others by reducing conflict;

d.     is confidential, avoiding public disclosure of personal problems.

Mediation is less expensive and speedier than litigation, and also is a process that builds understanding and reduces conflict between parties. This is a particularly important aspect of Family Law Mediation because couples will often have an ongoing relationship as co-parents of their children. 

Resolutions are defined in terms of what each party desires and perceives to be fair by shaping, understanding and evaluating options. Once there is a mutual solution, a written agreement is prepared to the satisfaction of the parties.

Mediators are unable to provide legal advice for either party. Each party is encouraged to obtain independent legal advice so they understand their legal rights. 

Mediation may be commenced by one or both parties contacting our office. The lawyer responsible for our firm's family mediation practice is  Cameron King, who is accredited as a Family Law Mediator by the Law Society of British Columbia.

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